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Born in Boston MA 1944; grew up in Bermuda. Served in the British Merchant Marine, US Marine Corps, and Midshipman at the US Naval Academy. Earned Diplome from University of Lyon France; BA & MAT from UNC-Chapel Hill, and CFP from College of Financial Planning Denver. Founded Town Hall nightclub in Chapel Hill; managed Brice Street Band; Administrative Manager UNC-Chapel Hill; 25 years as Certified Financial Planner at Prudential and Morgan Keegan; copyrighted ColorCode Essay Writing System 1996; retired April 2009.

SAT Essay Exam – No Big Deal

Writing the SAT Essay is not that hard.

Because Blogs are in Print, Be Truthful

In the old days, our stomach muscles clenched whenever a teacher asked us to write an essay.  “Not again,” we thought to ourselves. “Has he really asked us to write yet another paper? He just ruined our weekend.” How quickly times have changed! Now everyone wants to be a Blogger. Thanks to the Internet and […]

Outline Essay Useful Tool for Speeches

The outline essay also can function as a “crib sheet” for presenting the essay’s content orally to the student’s classmates. So what? How does this make it any easier to stand up in front of the class and give a speech? Here is secret #2: It is not necessary to memorize every sentence in the essay.

You Will An Essay Write

It overlooks the fact that the structure of virtually every type of essay follows the same format. American High School English classes focus almost exclusively on the content of an essay

Essays Made Easy

“Daddy, we want essays made easy,” my daughters said back in 1996. I replied, “I’ll have to think about that for a while. I’ll get back to you shortly.” At the time, my girls were enrolled in 6th and 9th grades at Carolina Friends School. Their teachers were assigning essays to write on a wide […]

James Bond’s Essay Writing Secrets for Pop Quizzes

The announcement, “Today I have a little quiz for you,” has to rank amongst the “Top Five Most Terrifying Moments” in an Academic Career. When your professor springs a “pop quiz,” usually he’ll instruct you to write essays answering two out of three questions. Will you be prepared? It might be useful to think about […]