Essay Writing System

Essay Writing System

Owner’s Manual + color-coded EXAMPLE of ESSAY

Provides a road map to follow for 


Research Paper Writing


Argumentative Essays

Narrative Essays

SAT Essays

Cause & Effect Essays

Most other types of essays

All use essentially the same format.

High school English classes focus on the content to include in an essay, but often skip over the role that format plays in presenting that content in an orderly manner. Many students aren’t told that following this format is the secret that makes writing essays and papers easy.

“A picture is worth 1000 words.”

Visualizing an essay’s format helps students organize their thoughts. Now they know, “Where to start.”

The ColorCode System’s Owner’s Manual explains that students won’t actually color their papers. It’s just a gimmick to help them picture the structure of an organized essay.

The Owner’s Manual is divided into the following sections:

Introduction – an overview of the ColorCode Essay Writing System.

The Background – Why papers are assigned; why students have trouble writing them.

Secret #1 – How teachers grade papers.

Secret #2 – Why students using the ColorCode System get better grades.

Secret #3 – The magic of the  “Rainbowparagraph.

Applying Colors – How colors are assigned to the paper’s main ideas.

Essay Example – Explains how Color-coding was applied line-by-line.

It notes that once students have written the “rainbow paragraph, the rest of the paper almost writes itself.

Warning to Parents: In some sections,  The ColorCode System Owner’s Manual purposely appears to have been created by the Three Stooges. The essay example is outrageously silly. The Owner’s Manual uses an irreverent tone to banish student fears about writing essays. Don’t expect a scholarly academic presentation. That approach has failed miserably for the past 100 years. The Owner’s Manual is designed to keep students engaged long enough to finish reading it.

SPECIAL BONUSSAT Essay Supplement with 2 color-coded SAMPLE SAT ESSAYS – FREE when you download the

The ColorCode System Pak consists of the Owner’s Manual,  the color-coded Sample Essay, & the SAT Essay Supplement with TWO color-coded SAMPLE SAT Essays. The Pak can be downloaded for $19.95.  Click once on the “Add To Cart” icon to order one Pak. Quantity discounts apply: 2-4 Paks = $16/Pak; 5-9 Paks =$13/Pak; 10 -19 Paks = $10/Pak; 20 – 30 Paks = $9/Pak; for 31+ Paks, email for quote. You will have a chance to review your shopping cart before placing an order.
Sample Essay

Sample Essay

Essay Writing System

Essay Writing System

SAT Essay Supplement

SAT Essay Supplement







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