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Writing SAT Essay

Writing SAT Essay

helps write an SAT ESSAY.

FREE – TWO SAMPLE color-coded SAT ESSAYS when you buy the 

Since you have only 25 minutes to write SAT ESSAYS, you’ll have to “tweak” the system slightly. To avoid any confusion, I have written a FREE 8-page ColorCode System SAT Essay Supplement. As an added bonus, the SAT Essay Supplement includes TWO Color-coded SAMPLE SAT ESSAYS, which argue each side of an actual question from the December 2009 SAT Essay exam.

The SAT Essay format presents you with an excerpt from an article or a book, which makes some broad statement about life in general. This is followed by a “prompt,” which identifies the theme of the quotation and asks if you agree, or disagree with the author’s thesis. Then you are instructed to support your response with some examples.

December 2009 SAT Essay Exam – Prompt 1 

Think carefully about the issue presented in the following excerpt and the assignment below.

Thanks to the Internet, the word “friendship” now has a much broader meaning. No longer are the bonds of friendship limited to telephone conversations, shared activities, or speaking face-to-face. In this day and age, very close friendships can be formed without the people ever meeting and by simply typing words on a screen. 

Adapted from Sharon Hendricks, “A Broader Definition of Friendship”


Is it easier now to form friendships than ever before? Plan and write an essay in which you develop your point of view on this issue. Support your position with reasoning and examples

There is no “right” or “wrong” answer. The ColorCode System guides you through the process of organizing your thoughts as you decide how to respond to the question in the SAT “Prompt.” Choose one side or the other and answer the question firmly in the first sentence of your first paragraph. Compose your rainbow ” paragraph. Follow the suggestions in the ColorCode System SAT Essay Supplement to keep your presentation on track. Keep it simple. Keep an eye on the clock to ensure that you finish writing your SAT Essay in the allotted 25 minutes.

Anyone can learn to use The ColorCode Essay Writing System in less than ½ hour. A color-coded Sample Essay illustrates the format of a properly structured essay. The Owner’s Manual explains the rationale for the rainbow ” paragraph and use of the colors. Students are NOT actually going to color their essays, rather they will use the sequence of the colors to help them present their ideas systematically. Writing all types of papers, including the SAT Essay, becomes easy when you use the 

The ColorCode System Pak consists of the Owner’s Manual,  the color-coded Sample Essay, & the SAT Essay Supplement with TWO color-coded SAMPLE SAT Essays. The Pak can be downloaded for $19.95.  Click once on the “Add To Cart” icon to order one Pak. Quantity discounts apply: 2-4 Paks = $16/Pak; 5-9 Paks =$13/Pak; 10 -19 Paks = $10/Pak; 20 – 30 Paks = $9/Pak; for 31+ Paks, email for quote. You will have a chance to review your shopping cart before placing an order.
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SAT Essay Supplement

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